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Tips to make your home look trendy

Not sure what the word ‘trendy’ is all about? It would be best if you read our previous post regarding what is considered a trendy home. But to do this perfectly and by perfectly, we mean keep up with décor trends is by shopping at least twice a week by keeping up with the latest home trends to update your home.

The uses of Cotton

As the last part of our cotton series comes to an end and you have no idea what we've been discussing over the last month, click here to view what cotton is and here to spot the difference between linen and cotton.

Trendy must-have fabrics

In a previous post, we touched on how trends will come and go and, that's exactly how interior fabrics are every year. Designers have already distinguished what designs and patterns will be futuristic for the year 2016 and, interior lovers will know how hard it is to always keep up.

Spot the difference

Sometimes we think that linen and cotton look and maybe feel exactly the same. Cotton is considered the most comfortable whilst linen appears to be the most luxurious fabric around. And it comes with no surprise when a number of our valued clients walk in our store and ask what the difference is between the two vegetable fibres.

What is considered a trendy home?

What is considered a trendy home? Is it the design of the home? The furniture? Wait, is it the colour palettes chosen for the season? Maybe it’s the pattern design décor analysts have predicted to be the hottest design of the year? Here are our thoughts on the matter.

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