Colour Series: How to Blush your way


This season is here and the colour you should be looking forward to is Blush. From accents as accessories to striking pieces that will completely change the look and feel of your room, here's how you can incorporating this colour.

Blush is a soft shade of pink that is delicate, glamorous, feminine and romantic and, not an intimidating colour. By all means, it should transform any space into a chilled boudoir. Despite the connotations, it doesn’t have to be a primarily feminine colour, a copper hue can be added to any space to give it a more chic edge. 

You can use blush as a backdrop, main colour or it can work in an existing room as an accent colour.  Whether you decide to use it on walls or upholstery purposes, this colour makes for a real statement and sets the tone for the space. 

Combining blush with another colour like pairing it with white, blush looks delicate, simple and adds a pop of colour whereas blue, gray and taupe pairing with blush, they add a bit more masculinity to the otherwise feminine scheme. Another example would be Black and white paired with blush which gives off a modern, more sleek feel and pairing it with gold, blush gives it a very formal feel.

Stay tuned for the next colour series and how to make use of it in your home.

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