Colour Series: It's an Aquamarine World


The year 2017 is on the go and ready to embrace what the textile industry is up too. And in saying that, the really big colour to lookout for right now is Aquamarine. We're seeing the colour show up in every area of fashion, ranging from clothing to homeware in various shades, pattern and style.

The spectrum moves from the more blue/turquoise aquamarine to more green and jade hues; all adding to glamorous and tastefulness of the shade. It's easy to change the appearance of a living room by adding aquamarine cushions to the old greys and charcoals or reupholstering the occasional chairs to create a pop.

Aquamarine also works well with the coastal white on white palate as well as with grey tones, accentuating the mushroom and flax palate.

Decorating with aquamarine is easy as it ties in with the scandavian style and can add glamour to a more traditional area. It is a moody and luxorious colour to incorporate in your space. 
A great tip would be to paint one occasional wall with aquamarine colour then upholster a favourite arm chair in a similiar colour shade of choice. Bring in some textured cushions to juxtapose the accents will create a contemporary and relaxing canvas.
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