Colour Series: Keep it versatile with Navy


You might be living under a rock but Navy is back and owning it big time because rumour has it; it could be the new neutral. It's solid, steadfast and knows how to work in almost every style of decor.

Navy in its true form appears almost black yet is an elegant and serious colour which evokes serious things like tradition, solidity and strength. It’s such a versatile palette that it can be totally preppy one minute and edgy the next. And because it’s not the loudest voice in the room, you can pair it with practically any colour.

Navy and white tends to be the ultimate favourite pairing. White is a classic high-contrast partner that sets off the deep-sea hue and gives navy a lively feeling or go bright by lightening up navy by introducing vivacious colors that suit your design preferences and evoke the mood you want to create. You can also try pairing navy with neutrals by finding calming hues and earthy textures that complement navy. Pick neutral accessories and materials that are lighter or much darker than a room's navy finishes and select furniture that will emphasize the colour differences and lend distinctions to each element.

If you just looking to add a pop of navy in your home, try adding a pillow, rug, lamps, bed linens, shower curtain, or just some simple such as vases and smaller accessories that can add a perfect amount of navy decor without a huge commitment.

How do you feel about decorating with navy ? Do you have any navy in your home? Let us know!

Stay tuned for the next colour series and how to make use of it in your home.

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