Colour Series: Shades that will make you Green with Envy


This year, the all new trend for interiors is about bringing nature into your home, incorporating different luscious shades of green into your humble home.

Enjoy all the benefits that stem from the colour, Green which stimulates harmony in the brain whic is associated with freshness and serenity. We’ve compiled a few ways to embrace various green shades into your interior space.

Decorate with a green velvet sofa: If your living room is in the mood for a burst of colour, look no further than luscious green shades. A dark forest green velvet couch can instantly refresh your living room, with ivory walls for a beautiful contrasting touch. Meanwhile, fresh greenery, a textured area rug and black-framed wall art ties your decorating scheme together.

Paint the wall in green shades: Who said that bedroom walls need to be kept neutral? With jade green walls it is sure that you will wake up feeling optimistic. Add some graphics and home accessories in expressive colors, such as purple and turquoise – this is a piece of advice that works for all of eclectic interiors.

Adorn your space with varying shades of green: For anyone whose space is in dire need of colour, turn to beautiful and refreshing shades of green. From kelly green walls and mint green stools and pots to printed rugs and decorative cacti, the look of gorgeous green can immediately brighten a neutral room.

Usher rich green shades into your master bedroom: While creamy tones and greys can certainly flatter every room in your house, there’s nothing quite like rich greens to rejuvenate your bedroom. Stick to walls painted dark green, velvety green throw blankets and contrasting black and white geometric patterned bedding for the ultimate in chic.

How do you feel about decorating with Shades of green? Do you have any green accents in your home? Let us know!

Stay tuned for the next colour series and how to make use of it in your home.

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