Colour Series: Sunshine all the way with Yellow


Yellow is known for it's happy and cheery colour that is able to brighten up any living space. And if you’re worried that it might be just a bit too bold for your home, just know that there's an array of different shades who each have their own unique character.

Yellow is an attention-grabbing hue best reserved for elements in a room that you want to stand out. So if your room is lacking ample lighting, we suggest using the bolder shades sparingly, because they can easily overwhelm a space, especially a small one.

Bright yellows should generally be used for social areas where there’s always a dynamic mood. They should stay out of bedrooms and even home offices because they disrupt sleep and concentration. This explains why yellow is a difficult colour because not everyone can get it right. 

A perfect place for use yellow accents is in the kitchen. Why? There's different ways to work with this colour. For example, a bold kitchen can feature yellow cabinetry combined with white walls. Another possibility is to opt for a yellow backsplash and even for matching floor tiles for that extra pop or attention to your eyes.

Another way to use yellow is to paint your walls in the accent of your choice. Even though the colour is bright, some tones can actually make the room seem darker and not as inviting as it could be. So make sure to that the accent you choosing is the perfect one for that space. If painting your walls are too much, why not add a vibrant yellow sofa or try for a chic yellow armchair as an accent piece for that unused corner.

How do you feel about decorating with the colour Yellow? Do you have any yellow accents in your home? Let us know!

Stay tuned for the next colour series and how to make use of it in your home.

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