Colour Series: The warm and earthy Ochre


Ochre is a warm and earthy colour which has an ancient feel that is commonly used in traditional African and Aboriginal art. 

This colour varies in both tone and hue. It can be pale or dark, golden or almost brown. It looks great next to teal, burgundy red and cool grays and particularly, purple too. The rich colour makes a stunning candidate for heavy fabrics such as velvets and brocade. And of course, it goes well with terra-cotta; it's equally earthy cousin.

Ochre is the mature yellow and having it added into the space, makes the room more cozy, even if it's architecturally large and open. Used in accessories it adds brightness, richness and energy, just like other yellows do, but it's more subdued in many ways. 

A black and white colour combo always spells design success with the addition of ochre to spice you the space even more. Make your hallway a bit interesting by painting different walls in similar, but subtly different, tonal golds or just layer earthy tones by partnering it with tonal neutrals keeps thing cohesive, enabling ochre to take on a rich, earthy quality.

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