How to get Creative with Texture


Whenever we think of transforming a room, we tend to look at you great furniture and accessories, the right lighting or what colours are suitable. But we seem to forget the next level of designing a space and it's the element of texture. 

There are different kind of textures to incorporate in a living space — texture that have pattern and movement and look like they would be interesting to touch. Texture allows the room to feel cozy and complete. They provide the eye with something interesting to look at, but they're also incredibly soothing. 

Add texture with textiles: This is an easy and quick way to add instant coziness to any room. Try: different pillows, tapestries, linen bedding and tablecloths, or simply add a throw on the couch.

Add texture with a rug: Imagine how much less cozy and complete without having a rug in the room. Ethnic rugs are great for adding another dimension but they definitely not the only option. Basically, anything with a lot of texture will work.

Add texture with carefully chosen furniture: A single antique wood piece with a nice patina can really ground a room. Also look at anything with velvet because it really creates that warmth and soothing feeling.

Add texture with books: We don't always think of books this way, and they certainlyare for much more than just looks. Adding a whole wall of books will definitely add a lot of warmth and texture to the space.

Add texture with architectural elements: If you happen live in a beautiful old Parisian flat with tall ceilings and gorgeous moldings and lovely old herringbone floors — then this will count in your favour. You may not need to add a lot of texture, because your home speaks for itself. For the rest of us, this is something to keep in mind when remodeling — or you can add molding to your walls as a weekend project.

Add texture all over the place: Some rooms make the best use of texture when you combine more than one of the above elements.

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