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At Constantia, we know that there are many types of curtains which are made from an assortment of materials which vary from printed to plain fabrics. That's why, adding lining to your curtains plays an important function when you searching to have your curtains made.

One of the main reasons to have curtain linings is light control. When you only have the main curtain, you can only do two things to control light: (1) either let it all in and open the curtains or, (2) you block it all out and close the curtains. What lining fabric does, allows light to enter your room in a softer fashion. It gently blocks off the light and makes the light easier to handle. It gives off a shade effect wherein you do not experience solid sunlight entering your room.

With controlling light, curtain lining helps control the amount of privacy you want in your space. For example, if you want some privacy but still want some natural light, you cannot do that with a simple curtain without lining it because you have to close the heavy curtain. With having lining, you can have that privacy because it covers your windows but at the same time, have natural lighting because curtain linings still allow sunlight to penetrate.

In conclusion, linings helps to minimize the dust in your living space. If you have curtain that doesn’t have lining but you are fond of opening your curtains and windows, you allow a lot dust and dirt to enter your room. This makes it harder for you keep you room clean. When you have the lining closed with your main curtain and window open, the curtain lining acts like a shield which prevents dust from coming in. In addition, this keeps your main curtain clean as well, which would lessen the number of times that you have to wash them. Of course, this would mean that you need to frequently wash your lining but it's helpful because they made from light materials.

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