Bring Joy to your Home with Brights

Need to add a bit of colour or bright accents into your home? While neutral palettes and white-washed interiors are timeless, bright colours can be just as long-lived when used smartly.


It's overwhelming at first but start small and gradually work your way to changing bigger items. There are different ways to incorporate brights into your home. Think rugs, accessories, art, and even botanicals. Here are a few ways you can inject brights without the splurge:

Paint the walls

Painting the walls is one of the best ways to include bold colours in your home. If changing the entire room is a bit too scary, add a feature wall by only painting one side with an accent colour.

Refresh your bedding

The bed is almost always the main focus of the bedroom, so use it to make a bright statement with a set of vibrant sheets. Using a double-sided duvet gives you the opportunity to display a pattern that will bring visual interest to a colour-blocked design.

Mix and Match Textiles

Fabrics are one of the quickest ways to bring colour into a space. Swap out the pillows on your couch, throw a new coverlet over the bed, or roll out a bright rug along your hallway to inject brightness with minimum effort.

Choose a Single Statement Piece

Bring pops of colour into your home and make a statement with a single saturated piece of furniture. The deep blue velvet chair in this room is certainly an attention grabber, but it nicely coordinates with the room's other neutral, textural elements. A bright chair is a simple way to add colour to a room with a single purchase.

Get artistic with artwork

If you prefer to keep your furnishings and accessories monochromatic, introduce pops of colour into your space through artwork and photography. Keeping the surroundings simple will allow your artistic pieces to take center stage and create a gallery-like environment of little outside distraction. Don't be afraid to try out bold prints and mixed media collages.

Add for a Colourful Rug

Incorporate a rug with a colourful pattern or detail to add some interest underfoot. An area rug with a coloured component will help hide dirt and debris and is a good way to ease into more colourful décor. A long runner can also add colour to unexpected places and add dimension to just about any room or hallway.

Quirky Accessories

Using everyday objects, like a teapot, in an unusual setting is a great way to make a colour statement. Try potting a houseplant in a patterned teapot or old jam jar for instant green-fingered style.

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