How to bring Summer into Your Home

The sun is finally making an appearance and, we sure we all looking for ways to bring the summer feeling into the home. Summer means more light and warmth. We all like more light but want to minimize the heat inside the house and keep it cool. So how do we do this? Let us look at easy and less expensive ways to decorate our homes this summer.

1. Lighten your scatter cushions

An inexpensive change is to change out your cushions with bold and vibrant colours but still retaining the texture, fabrics, and patterns of your pillows by choosing accents that are light and breezy for summer.

2. Bring in breezy curtains

Changing your window dressings is an easy way to change up a living space. One of the best ways to bring a summery look to your home is by choosing light or sheer curtains. So take down heavy window treatments and let some pretty sheer light into your rooms this summer.

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3. Move furniture around

The way you use your home in the winter versus summer is probably completely different. Moving your furniture around helps get your home summer-ready. Think about the way your family lives during the summer. How do they spend their time in the house?

4. Add greenery

Plants are the quickest way to spruce up your home. Not only do they serve up a fresh outlook on decor; they actually make the air in your home cleaner.

Head to your local nursery and ask specifically for plants that do well indoors. Plants like peace lily, snake plant, and succulents require a quick weekly watering but repay you by breathing new life into your home.

5. Change the accessories

Summer-ready accessories can change the whole feel of your home, and what says summer more than natural materials? Bringing in natural elements helps lift the tone of your space, making it feel bright and airy. Try bringing in a few woven baskets to stash flip flops or kids’ outside gear.

Bring in natural wood elements like cool candlesticks or bowls to brighten up your dining room table. Or accessorize with palm-printed pillows or light, natural-coloured throw blankets.

How are you planning to bring summer into your home? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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