How to revamp your working from home space

Now that you working from home, you start to get tired of staring at the same four walls so it might be time to revamp your space.

Some might be working in their second bedrooms, a corner under the staircase or, sitting at the dining room table, no matter how big or small a change, adjusting your workspace can do wonders for your productivity and motivation.

Here are a few ideas on how to spruce up your space:

Refresh your wall/s

Nothing makes a room more exciting than a new fresh of paint or just painting an accent wall in a spontaneous colour. Use accent colours to set off special picture windows, niches, or art areas.

If you have a small space, painting the wall a different colour defines that area as your office. Also, a fresh coat of paint makes the interior of your home feel like new!

Reupholster that tired office chair

If you already had an office chair in your home or brought your one from the office, spruce it up by reupholstering the fabric to something vibrant and fun. You spend 8 or more hours a day in that chair so make it enjoyable even if it is with jazzing up the colour, texture, or pattern.

At Constantia Fabrics, we have so many textile options that are perfect for any office chair.

Get shelving

With you working from home, creating space for all your office supplies is a must. If you have a small area, your walls are prime real estate by adding floating shelves to maximize that wall area. If you using another bedroom, use a shelf in your cupboard to store things or, an inexpensive credenza.

Decorate with plants

It is said that growing plants in your workspace can improve your productivity so instead of purchasing all those decorative items, just cover your office in plants?

Mix Patterns

A home office is a perfect place to experiment with different patterns. Choose a few of your favourite prints for pieces like seating and window treatments, but stick to the same colour family for a cohesive look.

Coordinate your Rug and Curtains

Even if you opt for a muted paint, infuse colour into your space with a patterned rug and coordinating drapery. Then dress up the room with decorative accents in the same hue. If you looking to upgrade your curtaining, contact our sales personnel for curtain options.

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