Let's Spruce up that Duck Egg Room, shall we?

We all go after a popular trend. It's human nature to follow a fashionable colour palette and decorate your entire space with it but we forget that a trend is short-lived until the next one comes along.

Take the Duck Egg craze. 2018 and 2019 were a big moment for this combination with interior designers and stylists preaching that this palette is a perfect choice. Now it's a new year with a new trend and, you stuck with this colour choice. So instead of spending thousands again on redecorating, here are some ways you can elevate your Duck Egg room without breaking the bank.

Bring in modern prints such as ethnic designs with contrasting colours such as Coral, Orange, Ochre and Greens. Since duck egg looks comfortable in both traditional and contemporary schemes, mix classic furniture styles and retro details with modern patterns and crisp, natural textures.

Punctuate with plants and other natural items. We all love a good rubber tree or snake plant in our home. But, if you’re looking beyond the scope of leafy, yet searching for something lively, try things like crystals and gems, dried botanicals, pinecones, and seashells to breathe some life into your room.

Another way to spruce up the room is to add patterns that make for a great alternative to block colour. In some ways, it offers a lighter approach to using colour because of the variations within it. From wallpaper to cushions and rug, these are items to add with interesting patterns.

If you have some wiggle room to splurge, add bold bespoke furniture. Think storage ottomans, bookcases or a statement chair that will highlight the use of colour.

You can also add an extra country charm to a duck egg living room by painting wall panelling. A decorative wall panelling idea gives the decorating scheme an extra lift, but adding a texture and avoid the colour from looking flat. Adding furniture in tactile upholstery in coordinating colours helps to add warmth and texture to the look.

Add accents by bringing in pretty pops with smaller accessories to balance the pops of colour at every eye level, from vases on a sideboard to wall art. Wooden furniture and flooring provide a clean base to enhance soft colour pairings.

However, you choose to spice up your duck egg interior, there is no right or wrong way. You can bring in various accents from neutrals to pastels or bold colours to offset the rather dull duck egg look. As the largest supplier of textiles in South Africa, make sure to browse through our large selection.

How are you planning to spruce up your duck egg palette? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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