What better way to introduce luxurious materials into your home than to decorate it with velvets. This soft fabric comes in tons of stunning shades so you not limited by those dull colours like red. Discover how you can decorate with velvet in any room setting.


The Rules

There aren't many rules but, velvet is a complicated textile to work with. Here are a few outlines of dos and don’ts when decorating with the luxurious material:

1. Less is definitely more. We always hear this saying but when it comes to incorporating velvets, it's true. Cotton velvets is an expensive material so just having touches of velvet can go a long way. But, if you like the luminous look, add a few velvet scatter cushions to your sofa or even a small velvet ottoman for that opulent feel.

2. Include other textures. Velvet is one of the few versatile yet universal fabrics so it works pretty well with most others materials like linen and taffeta.

3. Choose one statement piece. Decorating with this material gives you a sense of luxury so instead of incorporating velvets throughout the home, choose one statement furnishing to upholstery in a velvet fabric. Often it would be your sofa or dining room chairs is another option to consider.

4. It's in the colour. Nowadays, velvets come in an assortment of rich accents from Ocar to lilac and even forest green instead of the dull reds we know. There are amazing shades that will speak to anyones interior personalities.

5. It lasts for years. Velvets age really well and over time, some upholstered chairs or sofas has visible patina which looks beautiful so it's definitely an investment kind of material.

Velvets are for any season whether it be in luminous shades of taupe or sea blue, it's a great material to incorporate in the home.

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